Airport Mission 2018 23/11/2018

UWE and AWEX organized Airport Mission together at 3 major cities, Mumbai, Goa and Delhi.

Six major companies from Wallonia participated in this mission. Wallonia is well known for innovation . So these companies offering very niche and innovative products and services , expertise in  airport sector.

Purpose of this mission is to understand new airport’s strategy , study infrastructure, analyse overall project and find the best customized innovative solutions in particular sector.

These synergies will certainly strengthen the tie in between India and Wallonia.

Here is the brief description about companies participated

BTEE: Wildlife hazard management- safety - Ref Geneva Airport 

CE+T Power :Power Source AC & Dc Inverters and Modular UPS ,complete range of power converters includes inverters (DC to AC), UPS (securing AC loads with batteries) and a new “power routing” solution (inverter, rectifier and UPS all-in-one). 

IP TRADE part of British Telecom :IP Trade provides users with an all-in appliance including 2 handsets and a speaker, allowing for up to 30 simultaneous conversations. Recognizing the need for software applications, IP Trade has also developed T4 Flex, a complete turret solution running on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.

Wallonie Aerotraining Network (WAN): Trainings for Aeronautical Sector (for MRO ) Aeronautical training approved EASA – IATA – ICAO. Technical department : construction , maintenance , avionics , composite , Non destructive control Airports and Crew : all airport handling training , weight and balance , operations , Cargo dangerous goods etc.

TPF India :TPFEPL is one of the oldest civil engineering consulting firms in India and provides services in Bridge Design, Structural Engineering & Architecture and Planning

Euro -Diesel: EURO-DIESEL designs the infrastructure of the client's DRUPS system between the mains and the loads, manufactures and supplies the customised DRUPS system to site, installs and commissions the system before use, followed-by maintenance and servicing the system to ensure a long lifespan.