Glutton awarded Adar Poonawalla Cleancity13/01/2023

ADAR POONAWALLA Clean City Initiative has been awarded “World’s largest Customer of Glutton®”

Respect for the environment as well as the improvements in waste management are essential parts of this initiative. With no less than 144 Glutton® vacuum cleaners within the streets, Pune city is leading the way with green solutions to clean the cities of India. Glutton® is an innovative machine 100% electric and has no CO2 emissions. For the operator, the machine is also quiet and pleasant compared to the noise of a petrol engine.

The street cleaning workforce is given status and motivation. During her last trip to India, Marie Van Sull, Glutton® Export Manager, had the pleasure to offer this certification of recognition to Adar Poonawalla, Serum Institute CEO.

It's well deserved! Congratulations to Adar Poonawalla of the Serum Institute of India!