Google's New Data Centre In Belgium - Total Investment €800m07/02/2018


Google has unveiled plans to build a third data centre in Belgium for a total capital expenditure of €253m. 

The building is being erected at the company’s Saint-Ghislain hub in the Hainaut province in the Wallonia region. The facility is expected to start powering Google services from mid-2019.

The announcement was made by the company in the presence of Prime Minister Charles Michel and Minister of Digital Agenda Alexander De Croo.

Additionally, Google also unveiled a new solar power plant inside the same data center facility site in Saint-Ghislain, which was built through the company’s previous investment of three million Euros. The solar plant is the second-largest such power plant in the region, comprising 10,665 solar panels and capable of producing 2.9 Gigawatt hour of renewable energy annually. Google tapped a local construction company there to build the solar farm on a four-hectare land area, with the construction having started in March last year. As part of Google’s renewable energy goals, its Saint-Ghislain data center facility uses an advanced cooling system that gets its water source from the nearby industrial canal instead of a traditional refrigeration system.

The new investment brings Google’s investment in the Saint-Ghislain campus to €803m, after an initial investment of €250m in 2007 and second investment of €300m in 2013.

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