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  • Dr. Yvon Englert, Rector of Free University Brussels
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November 2017 - State Visit - Seminar on Personalized Healthcare14/11/2017

Seminar on “Personalized Healthcare for All”

In the framework of the State Visit of Their Majesties, the King and the Queen of the Belgians, the Wallonia Trade & Investment Agency at the Embassy of Belgium in New Delhi organised a seminar on “Personalized Healthcare for all” at the Jahangir Hall, Hotel Taj Diplomatic Enclave (previously Hotel Taj Palace), New Delhi, on Tuesday, 07 November 2017 at 03:00 pm. The event was organised in association with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) & Brussels Invest & Export (BIE).

The event was sub-divided into two panel discussions debating on the issues of a) Comparing Best Practices in Personalized Healthcare in Belgium and India and b) What companies, large and small, will be first to capitalize on this opportunity?Investment and Venture Capital in Life Science both in India and Belgium.

Over a hundred corporate executives, both from Belgium and India, belonging to the Healthcare sector, attended the event and were attentive participants throughout both panel discussions. The event was very successful with animated and interactive discussions between the audience and presenters during the Q&A session.

The seminar was followed by networking and drinks giving the participants an opportunity to hold one-to-one discussions and find opportunities for future business.

Here are some points as summarized by Ms. Ines Jurisic

PROBLEM:  What came out  from the discussions was the confirmation that traditional healthcare is largely immune to the forces of the disruptive innovation that usually comes from the startups.  The existing health systems either run by the government entities (Europe) or insurance companies (North America) do not include patient enough or not at all in the decision-making process. Another thing that was unanimously agreed upon was the fact that we need to go beyond conventional diagnosis based medicine. Ms. Jurisic personally considered it to be a "too late strategy"!

SOLUTION:   The patient is again becoming an actor! As Dr. Bajaj said: “ we should not look more for the new solutions but just go back 2000 years ago and understand the doctor/patient relationship”. The patient should be guiding innovation. Nonetheless of  demographic, cultural, organizational differences in India and Belgium or growing and aging population worldwide, it is necessary to encourage disruption either via jugaad or open innovation but it has to be meaningful innovation and a patient inspired innovation !!! It is necessary to gather a multi-sector consortia including doctors (holistic doctors), cell therapy specialists, data analysts, augmented and virtual reality, chain and supply specialists,  investors, governments, academia…  and the PATIENT to perfect those innovations!  Regarding the “too-late strategy”, it is necessary to help people manage their own health by keeping traditional medicines (Ayurveda, TCM, etc.) in the heart of the governmental strategies. Why not set up a preventive fund (as suggested by the audience), an online behavioral consulting, an online medical coaching that would create new job profiles such as health, nutrition, well-being educators and many more.

GOAL ACHIEVED! The primary goal of this event was to understand how to make the health systems more effective and efficient thanks to the innovation and the technology in India and Belgium. It was unanimously agreed that this event was unique for having suggested why innovation and technology should be used in the first place to protect the most valuable thing:  OUR HEALTH! 


A selection of photographs from the event have been uploaded into the gallery above.

For any more information or specfic photographs please write to: newdelhi@awex-wallonia.com