SillyCity is featured in CNBCTV1808/05/2019

Silly is a slow city in Wallonia. Silly City derives from its name from a stream, called the Sille (French) or Zulle (Dutch), and has no relation to the English word. Silly is featured in 2 days ago .

It is a Slow, Silly city. Yes, Silly because that’s its name. And Slow because it has been designated ‘slow’. The beautiful French-speaking community in the Wallonia region of Belgium is as slow as it can get. With 70 kilometres of marked pedestrian trails and the brand new network of cycle paths, one can slowly discover 6 European historic castles hidden in parks full of remarkable trees, churches, chapels, typical old houses and imposing old farms. There’s Eden Slow Tour where the whole family can go cycling and picnic across the city for the entire day through the city and parks. Walk along the centrum Silly to decode WorldWar II history or find a beer connect with India - century old Brasserie de Silly supplies beer to India.

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