Success Story of Walloon Company - Glutton 04/01/2018

In 2015, they received enquiries from Serum Institute but at that time India was not at all in their export development agenda. Then they received a phone call from Mr. Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute, who explained his ambitious project in detail. The project seemed to be too big to be true but then they realised Mr. Adar Poonawalla obviously aware about this fact.

They decided to give a try with Serum Institute and the results have been incredible. They delivered 120 Glutton® machines in 2016,which improved everyday life of 120 workers.

Poonawalla Group introduced free App that gives opportunity to the citizen of Pune to report garbage spots. So in less than a year the streets of Pune became the cleaner streets of India. May Adar Poonawalla clean city initiative be an example for many Indian cities.