Visit to Federation of Kutch Industries Associations (FOKIA) 13/01/2022

AWEX Mumbai visited the Federation of Kutch Industries Associations (FOKIA) on 4th December 2021 to get to know the Renewable Energy Cluster in the Kutch region. The region of Kutch is going host the major Indian solar farms like Gujarat Hybrid Renewable Energy Park. The visit was planned as part of building the roadmap for our upcoming Green Hydrogen Mission in India. Mr. Nimish Phadke, the Managing Director of FOKIA and Director of Comfort Insta Power Ltd. warmly welcomed us and briefed us about the history, the present, and the potential growth of the industries in the Kutch region., which was quite remarkable.

We appreciated the insightful interaction we had with Adani Green Energy Limited, Mr. Abhilash Mehta, Joint President (International & Special Project) presented us with the perspective of their group in the solar sector, as well as potential collaborations.

Wallonia has many significant projects in the solar sector like Moha Solar Park, where a solar park consists of over 18,720 photovoltaic panels, with power generation capacity totaling 6,400 kW, is scheduled to produce some 6,500,000 kWh of electricity per year. To name a few more are the PairiDaiza Solar Carport, Höganäs’ Solar Panel Plant in Ath.  Also, there is John Cockerill Energy, a very big player, which invests and innovates in the production, storage, and distribution of green hydrogen. TWEED Cluster is our sustainable energy cluster in Wallonia. The types of companies included are technology developers, component manufacturers, services like consultancy, engineering, carbon traders, RnDcenters, Universities, etc.

Given the growth potential in the Green Energy sectors of Wallonia as well as Kutch, FOKIA Team, and the AWEX Mumbai Team, aims to learn deeply about certain companies and their projects and create the right synergies between the two regions.