Walloon Luxury 12/10/2018

Wallonia has lot to offers in terms of Luxury. Take tour here


1. DIRTY MONITOR:  Dirty Monitor is company active in 3D video mapping, video shows, vjing and video conception in Belgium and around the world.

2. COMMUNITY EUROPE : AUDIOFOCUS aspires to improve the world’s sound restitution by providing an alternative to top brand products but remaining in the segment of high-end loudspeakers at a reasonable price and with higher return on investment.

3. FLOWEREVENTSY : Floral designing

4. BELGIAN OWL : Single malt whisky is produced in a completely traditional way

5. NIGHT ORIENT : Non alcoholic wines and “champagnes”

6.GALLER : Fine chocolate for presents

7. SALUC: Fusion Tables- dining table, with a refined look, which transforms in one minute flat into a real playing surface.  - Belgian creator signed his first unusual collection Aramith to Wear, composed of cufflinks, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches and other models inserted with precious stones.

8. CARAT DUCHATELET : Offers the upmost of the luxury armored car. The company is offering 7 lines of products and services and make as customized as possible.

9. VAL SAINT LAMBERT: The art of Csystal

10.THEOPHILE ET PATACHOU: Théophile & Patachou is a Belgian top-of-the-range brand, creator of a world of fashion for early childhood. It enables the future parents to prepare the ideal cocoon, worthy of receiving their much-awaited baby.